A white bread made using an original combination of specially selected top-quality ingredients. Enjoy its “2-in-1 texture” and “indulging rich sweetness” you’ve never tasted before.

The fine-grained crumbs melt in the mouth, with thin and elegant crust made with the original method.
We use not only the common white sugar but a combination of different sugars and fresh creme to materialize the profound sweetness as well as soft yet rich sweetness.

“ANATASHIDAI”(Plain bread)
800Yen (exclusive of tax)

The pure white delicate dough has a smooth texture that melts in your mouth.
It’s gonna knock out anyone who experiences this deliciousness! Yes. The bread is definitely “white”. It’s you to find out how delicious it is!

“KAJUNOTORIKO”(Raisin bread)
980Yen (exclusive of tax)

The delicious dough with muscat raisins added generously gives it a perfect balance between sweetness and sourness; it will surely make you a fan of it!
It’s heavenly and delicious, I have no choice but to give it five stars.